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The Kentmere Collection

A sumptuous sofa, deep lounging with insatiable comfort...


Montpellier standard back.jpg
montpellier cut outs 4 seater stn back.png

The Kentmere 4 Seater

W226 cm D102 cm H81 cm

 Formal or Scatter Back


montpellier cut outs 3 seater scatter back.png

The Kentmere 3 Seater

W201 cm D102 cm H81 cm

 Formal or Scatter Back


The Kentmere 2 Seater

montpellier cut outs 2 seater scatter back.png

W176 cm D102 cm H81 cm

 Formal or Scatter Back


The Kentmere Cuddler

montpellier cut outs cuddler.png

W226 cm D102 cm H81 cm

 Formal Back


montpellier cut outs chair.png

The Kentmere Chair

W105 cm D102 cm H81 cm

 Formal Back


Montpellier 4 Str Cuddler + stool low res.jpg

Made in Great Britain & Usually Delivered in 8 - 10 weeks

Free Aquaclean Fabric Upgrade

Ashwood 13.10.20220962 low res.jpg
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